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The start of it all, the end of it all

So it’s the end of my last full calendar month in the UK and the beginning of my last few weeks in work – the ‘new me’ is all trained up, and things are really starting to get into gear for the big move.

In just under two months I’ll be moving from  Manchester, UK to the small town of Villach in southern Austria, along with my boyfriend – the most exciting and nerve wracking decision of my life!

It’s also the start of my blogging journey.

This blog will be my outlet for everything to do with the move and my new lifestyle in Austria – the highs, the lows, the struggles and the surprises.
I hope it will be something I keep up as one of my challenges and aims for the next year or two. I struggle so much when I’m writing anything personal – more often than not when I read anything I’ve written back to myself I immediately delete it all!

But for now, here’s to new starts, new chapters and new challenges, I hope you all enjoy taking this journey with me!


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